Aliamanu Elementary School

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  • Support the school's efforts to increase student achievement.
  • Help engage the community in understanding and supporting the school.
  • Support the principal, teachers, and other school staff.
  • Equal Numbers of School personnel (administrators, teachers, other staff) and "Primary Stakeholders" (students, parents, community members).
Selection of Members:
  • Principal
  • Teachers elected by teachers
  • Non-certificated personnel elected by non-certificated personnel
  • Parents elected by parents
  • Community representatives elected by the community
  • Students elected by the student body
  • Participate in the selection and evaluation of the principal.
  • Review the principal's determination of the school's repair/maintenance needs.
  • Provide collaborative opportunities for input and consultation.
  • Ensure the Academic and Financial Plan is aligned with the educational accountability system.
School Community Council is not
  • A governing board.
  • A forum for promoting personal agendas.
  • A body whose members "represent" constituencies.
School Community Council does not: