Aliamanu Elementary School

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A+ Afterschool Program

The After-School Plus (A+) Program is a statewide after school program for students in Grades K to 6 whose parents work, attend school or are in a job training program during the hours of A+ operation. The main purpose of the program, instituted in February of 1990, is to reduce the number of latchkey children after school. This program is in operation every full school day. There is no A+ on half days, school holidays and vacations.
School Contact Information Aliamanu Elementary School's A+ Afterschool Program

AES A+ program provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment for our children. While it is not an extension of the regular school day, we provide a variety of activities such as physical education, arts and crafts, music, literature, computer and affective education. Another vital part of the program is homework period. This is the time when children do homework with a regular education teacher. The teacher is there to help those needing assistance in doing their homework. Peer assistance is also encouraged. The staff consists of regular education teachers as well as parents and college students.

The A+ program starts right after the end of the school day. The children check into their respective groups in the cafeteria. Attendance is taken and the children are given snack time. The program does not provide snacks. Parents are encouraged to pack a nourishing snack for their child(ren). Daily supervised free play time is offered where the children can interact and socialize with others.

The A+ staff appreciates parental support as we try to provide a program that fits the needs and interests of the children in a happy and stimulating environment. For more information, interested parents may call 421-4288.

REMINDER: A child qualifies to enroll in the A+ Program only if both parents/guardians work or if parent(s) attend(s) school during the hours of the program (2:00-5:30 p.m.). If you do not qualify because your hours differ, please do not enroll your child(ren). You will be asked to provide the times for which you work or are in school.