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Attention Parents:  The Salt Lake Public Library will not allow parents to park in their stalls at all times.  Please utilize our supervised auto-line before and after school.  Thank you for your cooperation.
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Homework assignments are listed under Classes. Please click on the link "Mr. D. Fukumoto" in order to view the assignments.

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Vocabulary Word of the Week (8/10-8/14)

  • courage
Courage is bravery in a difficult situation.

  • disappointment
When something is a disappointment, a person is sad because something is not as good as expected.
  • precious
Something is precious if it is very valuable to you.

  • pride
Pride is a feeling of satisfaction in something you have done.
  • remind
When you remind someone, you make that person remember something.
  • symbols
You use symbols to represent ideas or objects.

  • traditions
Traditions are things that have been done for a long time.

Picture Taking Day

Students in F5 will be taking their pictures tomorrow.  Your child may dress appropriate for this event.

Scholastic Book Order

The last day to turn in book orders is Monday, November 17, 2014.  I would prefer that all orders be submitted online through  If ordering online is not a possibility, then please send cash with the completed order form (No checks will be accepted).  The code for our class is MJHL3.

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