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Message from the teacher

My goal is to make a difference in each child's life by enhancing their unique qualities. I will do this by integrating multi-cultural themes and character values to help each child realize their personal strengths and weaknesses; allowing them to recognize and respect both similarities and differences in themselves and in those among them. I accept the challenge of encouraging and stimulating a child so they are eager to learn. I attempt to motivate students to learn both collaboratively and independently and believe that each student must experience both in order to grow.
I must appear to be knowledgeable, but also approachable, to my students, parents, and colleagues. I respect each child as an individual and recognize that each student learns in different ways; touching, seeing, hearing, doing, and feeling. I differentiate lessons by providing options and using multi-sensory methods to make it easier for each student to grasp the concepts at hand. I believe that working collaboratively with my students, parents, staff, and colleagues is the key to creating a positive outcome for all. I accept the duty of being an example to my students as I know they often learn by what they see and not by what is told.
By doing all I have committed to doing, each child will dare to dream, have the ability to believe in themselves and others, know know to focus on and achieve goals, and will possess the tools necessary to succeed in all they do.
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